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Product Description Category Subcategory Status
TruAudio  A.1x
Home audio streaming system Amplifiers Stereo (2-Channel)
TruAudio  A.3x
Multizone amplifier that works with both Chromecast Built-in and Alexa and lets you control 3 different zones of audio from 1 device Amplifiers Multi-Channel
TruAudio  A.6x
Audio streaming system Amplifiers Multi-Channel
TruAudio  AMP-3512
12-Channel, 35W Power Amplifier (Each) Amplifiers Multi-Channel
TruAudio  AMP-440
4-Channel, 40W Per Channel Power Amplifier Amplifiers Multi-Channel
TruAudio  AS-1
4.5'' Outdoor Landscape Speaker. Switchable 8 Ohm and 70 Volt Speakers Outdoor
TruAudio  AS-2
Acoustiscape, 6.5'' Landscape Outdoor, 2-Way Speaker, 2.5 - 50 Watts, 8Ohm / 70V Switchable, Includes Stake. Speakers Outdoor
TruAudio  AS-3
Acoustiscape 8'' Landscape Outdoor, 2-Way Speaker, 2 - 64 Watts, 8 / 70V / 100V Switchable, Includes Stake. Sold Each Speakers Outdoor
TruAudio  AS-360
Acoustiscape 2-Way 6.5'' Outdoor Landcape Speaker, 3 Tweeters, 8 Ohms/70V Switchable Speakers Outdoor
TruAudio  AS-BASE.2
Wall Mount Bracket for AS-1 and AS-2. Sold each. Speakers Speaker Brackets, Mounts, & Stands
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